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Visiting Portugal: Algarve, Vilamoura Marina

Visiting Portugal: Algarve, Vilamoura Marina

Vilamoura marina at night

Visiting Portugal: Algarve, Vilamoura Marina

Are you thinking of flying to Portugal for you next holiday but don’t know what’s out there? Don’t worry, we’ve been! You will read here our experience specifically on visiting Vilamoura Marina in the Algarve region of Portugal.

Vilamoura Marina, where?

The Vilamoura Marina is situated on the south coast of Portugal in the Algarve region. Vilamoura itself is 15 minutes away from Faro, 15 minutes away from Albufeira and 30 minutes away from Tavira. You won’t have much distance to travel if flying to Faro airport or plan on getting a villa/hotel near here!

So, what is Vilamoura Marina?

Vilamoura Marina is a place for tourists and visitors to eat, drink, party and shop as well as being a Marina itself for boats and ships to stay. Within the Marina, you will find many different types of restaurants to eat at such as seafood, Italian, Indian and dessert parlours. During sunset, you can get the best view at the Old Navy restaurant in the corner of the Marina looking out onto the luxurious boats.

Algarve Marina

Want to shop?

The Marina occupies a variety of discoverable shops in the latest clothing fashion within the region, boasting some high-end shops such as BOSS Menswear store, Mercedes Benz, Quicksilver, Escales, Havaianas and many more. If you are interested, there are the odd one or two speedboats, jet ski and cruises shops presenting some of the most desirable boats around. You won’t want to miss these, even just to take a picture!

Algarve Vilamoura

Nightlife on the Marina

When you hit the evening sun on the Vilamoura Marina, you will see that the Marina starts to fill up fast with crowds of people either on holiday as well or from the area itself. This helps create that holiday feel of walking round with different music, entertainment and groups you can get with.

The Marina has quite a few Irish bars and lively bars around so you shouldn’t be surprised if you bump into a few Irish crowds or British people. However, keep watch on the roads as there can be a few sports cars parking, from Ferrari’s, Porches and Lamborghinis.

Need an idea of a restaurant to try?

As mentioned above, if you are visiting Vilamoura on holiday, be sure to visit the Old Navy restaurant. They have a variety of foods available from seafood, vegetarian options and burgers for the young ones. Inside, the cosy and clean seating brings class while the people around you help create an inviting atmosphere to enjoy with friends and family.

As you may know, this is one of the places in Vilamoura, and Portugal, which is elegant and enjoyable to visit on you holiday. Get in touch if you would like any more information when booking your holiday to Portugal!

Old navy restaurant in Vilamoura

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