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20 European Locations for your Next Holiday

20 European Locations for your Next Holiday

Tunisia coast

20 European Locations for your Next Holiday

Trying to find your next holiday from the many European locations around the world? We know how hard it may be! Choosing between a sunny beach, inland architecture or peaceful desert sand. Well, see below our 20 European based locations to pick the one you may enjoy the most with your family or friends.

1. Lake District, UK

Now if you are reading this from the UK, you may have already been to the Lake District in the North of England and know-how unbelievable the scenery is. With hidden mountains and large lakes flowing in between the landscape, this could be one of the perfect local European locations right on your doorstep to go to!

Visit places such as Windermere, Scafell Pike, Coniston Water, Keswick, Watermillock, Skiddaw and many more.

lake district

Lake district lake windermere

Lake district train

2. Cannes, France

Right in the centre of Europe, you could take in the clear blue skies across the harbour and walk along the coastline in the blazing sun. Stay in the popular 4-5-star hotels overlooking the calm sea and sunset as well as Cannes Beach and Harbour Squares full of luxurious Restaurants.

Visit places such as Le Suquet, Pointe Croisette and Mandelieu-La Napoule.

Cannes sea

Cannes france city

Cannes france promenade

3. Venice, Italy

Are you looking for a getaway full of boats and scenery with a splash of Italian Romance? Take a look at going to Venice, one of the luxurious European locations with boat trips on the rivers and artistic structures within the courtyards.

Travel to places such as Murano, Sant’Erasmo and Punta Sabbioni.

Venice rivers

boats gondolas in venice during the sunset italy

4. Algarve, Portugal

Chill in one of Portugal’s most popular beach resorts Algarve. With a large hot beach stretching along the coast, take your pick on where you want to relax, swim, scuba-dive, jet-ski and more. The south coast of Algarve is enjoyable hot to create the natural tan and relaxation needed in every holiday location.

Fly down to Faro and pick from western locations such as Tavira and Fuseta or eastern spots such as Vilamoura, popular Albufeira and Lagos.

Algarve coast european locations

benagil cave algarve portugal

Quarteira Algarve

Algarve beach

5. Fethiye, Turkey

On the hunt for some European locations within the Mediterranean Sea? Try visiting Fethiye in Turkey, with a spacious beach and inner-city shops, restaurants, parks and all the necessities so you can live with ease while on holiday with your friends and family.

See places nearby such as Calis Beach, Günlükbasi and Ece Marina.

oludeniz fethiye beach

Uzunyurt Fethiye Muğla Turkey

Fethiye oludeniz european locations

6. Málaga, Spain

Don’t want to fly that far from the UK or looking for European locations within the Spanish region? Málaga is a wonderful holiday destination to consider if you want a holiday with a bit of everything. With bustling shops, Spanish cuisine and hot beaches, you’ll find something for everyone you are travelling with.

Nearby destinations include Torremolinos, Torre del Mar and Marbella.

Malaga city

Malaga coast

Malaga holiday sunset

Malaga beach

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wanting to visit European locations that aren’t heavily populated in beaches or ideal for the greatest Christmas getaway? Visit Amsterdam with its canal rivers and city adventures that can be found around every corner. Take pictures with your friends or family at the amazing architectural buildings and structures.

See places such as Houthavens, Zeeburg and Watergraafsmeer.

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum panoramio


Amsterdam european locations

8. Grindavik, Iceland

Have you heard of the world-renowned blue lagoons in Iceland or the hot sulphur springs found all over Iceland? There are many different hikes and spots around Iceland that you can visit and explore. Iceland is one of the European locations ideal for short getaways with couples or friends to experience new things.

Other locations nearby include Katlahraun Lava, Krisuvikurberg Cliffs and Hafnir.

blue lagoon iceland

atraente bonito ceu nublado iceland

Grindavik iceland

9. Lübeck, Germany

Never been to Germany before? Lubeck is among popular European locations within the country, full of perpetual towers, structures and scenery. The Trave River runs through the city followed by the cultural churches and restaurants and drinking lounges. Easily accessible by both air, road and train tracks, grab your camera and learn more of Germany’s history within Lübeck.

Closer towns within include St Gertrud, St. Lorenz Nord and Schlutup.

lubeck city

Lubeck buildings

Lubeck rivers

10. Rüschegg, Switzerland

Fancy a hike on the mountains of Switzerland? Rüschegg is one of Switzerland’s hidden European locations found high up, in the centre of the Gantrisch Nature Park. Take refuge in the overlooking views of the Switzerland countryside or on the many different hikes on the Ochsen mount. If you love the idea of reaching the top of the world overlooking everything, this is a holiday location you want to tick off your visited list.

Nearby countryside locations include Rüeggisberg, Guggisberg and Wattenwil.

Rüschegg mountainside european locations

Rüschegg scenery

mountains snow switzerland

11. Pula, Croatia

One of the maybe hidden European locations people may not have heard of is Pula in Croatia. Found just behind Italy, you will find magnificent coastal and island views with only a few beaches but a lot of historical buildings. See the Coliseum and various architecture is hidden away.

Similar hidden away locations include Banjole, Premantura and Medulin.

amphitheater Pula

Pula town

amphitheater inside Pula

12. Bucharest, Romania

Thinking of travelling to Romania as one of your European locations for holiday getaways? Bucharest is an exciting city full of wonderful high-streets, monuments and architectural buildings to capture and explore. Similar setting to New York, you can sleep above the stars in some of the most luxurious hotels and wander through magnificent parks around the area.

Nearer locations to visit are Cartierul Armenesc, Old Town and Regie.

Bucharest buildings

Bucharest Calea Victoriei birds eye view

Bucharest scenery

Bucharest town hall

13. Östersund, Sweden

Want to experience Sweden for what it’s really like? Take a trip to Östersund in the centre of the Nordic country and find out more about it’s past, seasons and local culture. If you are on the right side of the river, experience the eye gazing sunset at the end of your fun-filled day. Having plenty of walks available, explore and get lost in this special city on one of your European locations to visit.

Try visiting places such as Hornsberg, Odenslund and Tysjöarna norra.

Sweden in snow

Sweden landscape

Sweden hut

14. Luxembourg

Being one of the smallest European locations, Luxembourg is full of delightful wonders such as the many tall roofed buildings and river Alzette that seems to fit in very well within the city. Walkthrough the cliffs of buildings, historical parks and many monuments, some dedicated to the World Wars fought. The city may be small, but it’s bursting with life and action.

Explore nearby areas such as Grund, Gare and Ville Haute.

Luxembourg estate

luxembourg european locations

luxembourg holiday scenery

15. Athens, Greece

On the find for one of the many European locations in the Mediterranean Sea? Go to Athens in Greece! The capital has some remarkable views to behold such as the Acropolis that can’t be missed and ancient city of Greece. Walkthrough the city as you take in the past marvels still preserved to this day.

Closer locations to consider seeing are Kallithea, Zografou and Egaleo.

Athens holiday view

Athens ruins

athens hilltop

16. Baku, Azerbaijan

Ever thought of going to Baku in Azerbaijan? The city pride on being of the European locations with sparkles of light shining in the sky. As soon as the sunset reaches it’s end, the city lights up with building lights, skylights and beach lights. Watch as the city stays awake and visit the many restaurants, skyscrapers or local maiden towers.

Popular locations within include Yasamal, Baku White City and Sabayil.

baku city

Baku river

Baku skyscrapers

17. Tbilisi, Georgia

Not many people have thought of going to Tbilisi in Georgia. Again, this location boasts of history and a mixture of ruling from both Persians and Russians. The diverse architecture creates a remarkable sight to behold. Take in the many sculptures, war memorials and new, modern features covering the city.

Find yourself in nearby areas such as Dzveli Tbilisi, Patara Lilo and Shindisi.

Tbilisi church

Tbilisi city

tbilisi courtyard

18. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, you have to visit at least once! The capital of Egypt is one of the European locations you cannot miss with it’s modern, yet ancient city intertwined into one, providing the best of both worlds. See the nearby pyramids or explore the city cruising on the river Nile. With hot temperatures and tropical foods, live in luxury while getting some heat.

Nearby areas to go to are Giza, the Pyramids Gardens and Coptic Cairo.

Cairo birds eye view

Cairo city egypt

Cairo egypt pyramids european locations

19. Tunisia

Need something a bit tropical on one of your next European locations to visit? Adventure along the coastline of Tunisia within the Mediterranean Sea. With archaeological exhibits and museums storing Roman mosaics as well as artefacts, browse as you bath in the welcoming heat. Local security and large hotels also provide a secured escape.

Try wandering in places such as Gabes, Teboulbou and Al-Matwiyah.

Tunisia port

Tunisia walkway

Tunisia coast

20. Brussels, Belgium

Don’t want to travel too far but would like to visit one of Belgium’s popular European locations? Brussels is full of colourful scenery, grand palaces and monuments you can capture. The amount of architecture packed into this city is unbelievable. With art, culture and history all in one packed city, there is plenty to explore.

Locations to see include Neerpede, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek and Schaerbeek.

Brussels european locations

Brussels architecture

Brussels busy courtyard

Brussels city centre

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