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What is a Car’s MPG and Does it Matter?

What is a Car’s MPG and Does it Matter?

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What is a Car’s MPG and Does it Matter?

Buying a car can be an exciting time for both young and old people, but as the world is changing, so is transportation. Here we are going to break down a car’s MPG (Miles Per Gallon), what it means and why you must think ahead.

What is a Car’s MPG?

A Car’s MPG, Miles Per Gallon, is the number of miles that you travel per Gallon of fuel. This means that your car will tell you how many miles you could drive to around 4.5 litres of fuel. The higher the MPG means you will travel further for 1 gallon of petrol compared to a low MPG where you will travel fewer miles. There are many factors which affect your Car’s MPG such as speed, distance, driving style and much more. Let’s get into the specifics.

Driving Style, Acceleration and Speed

You may not be aware, but your driving style is one of the biggest factors which can affect your Car’s MPG. Accelerating really fast at the traffic lights or racing other drivers by applying more gas quickly means that your car is using more petrol to speed up faster. This will mean that your MPG goes down and you could end up going 20 miles per gallon (quite bad). This can occur even if you are in a low gear for too long doing high revs! However, if you gradually speed up and don’t put your foot down, you will be saving more petrol as your car isn’t in a rush to burn it off to reach higher speeds at a faster rate.  You can choose which you would prefer. I mean, we all enjoy speeding up really fast, but we also must consider how much petrol we use.

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Speed also matters! Your car’s MPG can also be affected by how fast you are travelling on motorways, country lanes and in towns and cities. As a recommendation, a good speed to be travelling at to see a high MPG is 50MPH. This is because your car won’t need constantly be burning fuel at a fast rate to reach higher speeds. For example, if you travel at 80MPH (We don’t recommend speeding!) you will see that if you take your foot of the gas, the speed will start to drop rapidly because your car cannot stay at these high speeds due to other factors such as body streamline and weight etc. This brings us to our next point.

Don’t forget about weight!

A Car’s MPG can also be affected by how much weight is in the car. A heavy pick up truck, lorry or van may not have that good of miles per gallon if they have to carry heavy loads up and down the country. Not just big trucks but also normal cars with boots filled with baggage. You may not realise but the extra weight you carry can have a collective effect on your miles per gallon. Check the kerb weight of your next new car to see how heavy it is compared to other makes and models.

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Electric Cars and Climate Change  

So, if you are looking to buy a new car and want to make sure you get the most miles out of your petrol to save money and drive safer, why not try purchasing an electric car? An electric car can give unbelieved scores for a car’s MPG. As electric cars run off electricity, they can provide excellent acceleration and constant speed as they are being built to ensure all the power is going to what matters. With no loss of energy, they help keep an MPG high and even charge their own batteries while travelling so you can drive even further!

Climate Change is becoming more and more of a popular topic to help preserve and sustain the Earth. However, we also do appreciate that electric cars and new technology being brought out for these purposes can cost a lot of money and aren’t ideal for daily living situations. This is why we recommend you find the car that bests suites your living standards but also saves you money from buying more petrol. You know about a car’s MPG, so get searching for your new car!

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