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Torro Phone Case for iPhone 8

Torro Phone Case for iPhone 8

Torro phone case

Torro Phone Case for iPhone 8

Wanting to find the best phone case for handling, quality and style? Try the new Torro Phone Case design made for top quality and easy manoeuvrability. See below our review and why we think it’s the best!

Material of the Torro Phone Case

On opening up the Torro phone case, the first thing we notice here is the material. You can instantly feel the premium quality leather used along with the fine stitching around the sides. The dark brown leather has some weight to it but expresses fine quality when holding in your hand, even without your phone in it!

Torro case packaging Torro case packaging back

Hand made to perfection with no loose stitching or marks, you can see the clean, crisp look created immediately. To hold your phone in place is a good quality rubber casing. With firm but easy to manoeuvre edges to slip your phone in with ease. Compared to its predecessor that used firm plastic which came apart, this is definitely a step up.


Within the sleeve of the Torro phone case is a small pocket to slide your bank card in or business card. You can even take banknotes with you using the longer pocket on the side. This is a great touch if you are into carrying next to nothing on your day out or way to work. To finish off with class, Torro has branded the inside with their logo to show how premium their products are.

Inside Torro Phone Case

Handling and Durability

Now, when it comes to any phone case, you want to ensure that your phone is safe, isn’t going to slide out or smash on the floor. Well don’t worry! The Torro phone case uses a magnet to hold the front side against the phone without damaging the phone and keeping it secure. So, if you have any worries about dropping the phone or the front easily opening up to show the screen, rest assured that the phone will be secure.

Using your smartphone on the go may mean that you want to set it up at certain angles to watch movies or play games horizontally. This can be done with the Torro Phone Case! You can slant the phone downwards and lean it on the inside cover to watch or play with no disruption. We find this way better when holding the phone on the go to watch videos online.

Torro case packaging outTorro case packaging inside back

Any Bad points?

One bad point we do find with the Torro phone case is that it doesn’t have any scanning blocker technology to protect the phone or bank cards from being scanned. Hackers and street criminals can scan bank cards using a smaller version of a card reader to retrieve money from you. Therefore, if you had any bank cards in the sleeve of the phone case, you could be at risk of being targeted at the train station, in the city and in public places.

That being said, Torro have an excellent rapport with their customers to make improvements and so the above may already be on the list! If you are in dire need of a new iPhone case for you iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X, we recommend you try a Torro Phone Case.


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