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The Anker SoundCore Mini

The Anker SoundCore Mini

Anker SoundCore Mini Bluetooth Speaker
The Anker SoundCore Mini

High-quality portable audio device. The SoundCore Mini from Anker is on another level, especially at this price!


The Anker SoundCore Mini

As a Bluetooth speaker, the Anker SoundCore Mini is one that cannot be overlooked. I have had this audio speaker for a few years since it’s release and cannot believe the quality, performance and size!

When looking for a Bluetooth speaker, you may be choosing based on style, size or whether you can impress your family and friends with the device. For me, I needed a speaker that was small, easily portable and reliable. Volume did matter too but this was mainly needed for travelling. This is when the Anker SoundCore Mini caught my eye. Take a look below at the key features!

How big is it?

In terms of size, this mini speaker fits perfectly in the grasp of your hand making it super-portable and easy to carry when out. I was quite surprised at how snug the speaker can sit on your desk or kitchen side without taking any space up. At 2.6 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches and weighing 8.89 ounces, the speaker can be unnoticeable when carrying in your bag, luggage or even pocket!

My version of the SoundCore Mini is black and made of aluminium as the standard edition. There are many colours that you can choose from such as Gold, Silver and Pink. After using this Bluetooth speaker for a few years, I have given it a few knocks and chips on the outside. But you can’t even notice!

Anker SoundCore Mini

Long-lasting playtime

You would be surprised when reading the size of this portable speaker that the SoundCore Mini can actually provide 15 hours of continuous playtime. Anker have made no expense of ensuring the speaker is packed with power. But don’t worry, this doesn’t diminish the quality or time.

Good or bad sound quality?

The speaker itself has incredible sound with a 5W driver and passive subwoofer within. This delivers astonishing bass quality to blast out the tunes in whichever room you are in. No pitch sounds fuzzy or out of tune when listening from your phone or plugged in device.

The connection choices

No matter how you want to connect to the portable speaker, it has the solution. You can connect via Bluetooth through your phone with Bluetooth 4 technology, use an Aux cable for older devices, use playback though a microSD slot or simply turn on the radio!

Anker bluetooth speaker

I find this device very quick and hassle-free to connect via Bluetooth to my phone and laptop. Make sure you are no further than 3 feet away from the device though. I’ve not found anything quicker to connect to yet!

The Price tag

Costing only £21.99, at time of post, this portable Bluetooth speaker is a steal! Anker really do make quality products at affordable prices. See the Anker SoundCore Mini on their website.

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