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What is a VPN? Virtual Private Network

What is a VPN? Virtual Private Network

vpn virtual private network

What is a VPN? Virtual Private Network

Are you wanting to find out more about a VPN, what one actually is and how you can benefit from a virtual private network online within your home or in the business office? Don’t worry, we can help you on this.

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Most commonly known as VPN, a Virtual Private Network is an online service which allows you to view the internet using a different IP address from another country. Let me break this down for you.

When you use a VPN, you are connecting through your pc or smart device to the internet using a different IP address to the one you have setup at home. An IP Address is a code that the internet uses to identify what country and location you are from. Every household using a router will have an IP Address. You can’t connect to the internet with this and a router. Don’t worry, this won’t affect your internet security at all. What the VPN does is change that IP Address to one from a different country, you can set this!

This can be difficult to understand but this basically means you can connect to the internet using a different IP address. So, what are the advantages of this? Let me tell you…

View websites from a different location

Some popular websites online may provide different content to people living in different locations which you wouldn’t have been able to access before. Therefore, you can now see this content and find any hidden secrets you previously couldn’t see. VPN software can be connected to using your website browser extensions and you can simply turn it on and off when you please, setting the desired location you would like to use.

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Save money on products

Using a virtual private network in the right way could also help you to save money purchasing products online. For example, you could use the VPN to view a shopping website from France (if the website you are looking at sells their products globally). There you could see the price of a product in euros and compare this to the price of the same product on the UK site. If the price of the product in euros was cheaper and they deliver to the UK, you could purchase the product through the French version of the website, using the VPN, and save money for your business or at home. How good is that!

Online streaming services

Now, this can be hard as streaming services are trying to cut down on this, but you could use a VPN to view a streaming service from a different country. Streaming services like Netflix and channels on your smart TV or device. This could mean that you can watch your favourite film or TV show that was previously unavailable to you in your area. You may also find that the streaming service is cheaper through VPN software, Virtual Private Network, too.

How could I take advantage of this?

VPNs are commonly available online to purchase as a monthly service. The most popular VPNs are Nord VPN, Hola VPN (Free Google Extension), Express VPN, Hotspot Shield and Surfshark. These are a selection we have seen and used in the past. Try now and see how you can watch your favourite films for cheaper!

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