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The Wayback Machine, your Internet History Archive Tool

The Wayback Machine, your Internet History Archive Tool

Internet history archive tool

The Wayback Machine, your internet history archive tool

Did you know that there is an internet history archive tool storing websites and data for you to view? You can even view data from other sources! Let’s take a look at Internet Archives’ Wayback Machine.

What is the Wayback Machine?

The Wayback Machine is a search tool where you can search to find past records of websites on the internet. This is in simple terms, an internet history archive of everything you see online. However, the Wayback Machine uses algorithms and certain systems to decide on whether a website should be scanned, screenshotted and recorded. This means that the internet history archive tool may not have collected every website online.

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What does the internet archive store?

Even though the archive tool may not have a screenshot of everything online, the internet history archive tool currently stores 330 billion web pages worldwide and is continuously growing! But internet archive doesn’t stop there, they also store books, articles, audio recordings, videos, images and much more. See here below a list of how much data they currently store:

  • 391 billion Web pages
  • 22 million Books and texts
  • 2 million Videos
  • 7 million Audio recordings
  • 9 million TV & Film shows
  • 477 thousand Softwares
  • 4 million Images
  • 209 thousand Concerts
  • 580 thousand Collections

Why use this Internet History Archive tool?

If you are a web designer, web developer or marketer, you will know how useful this online archive tool can be. Sometimes when a website is hacked or corrupt, you can use the Wayback Machine to see what the old design was like and try to revert back. Similarly, if you wanted to see what your competitor’s website looked like or what techniques they used in the past, you could do through this history archive.

There are many reasons you could use the Wayback Machine that Internet Archive provide. However, the one drawback is that you can only see what has been saved which may only be a few times a year! So, don’t rely wholeheartedly on the archive tool if you need to make records of previous designs for example. Make regular saves either using screenshots or photo editing software to ensure you have vital information saved.

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Don’t forget the other types of data saved through the history archive! View previous records, live concerts you went to see a few years ago or view images saved and recorded to be used in future. The list is endless so try now if you are in search for something in the past you want to relive.

Does it cost?

One of the best things about the Wayback Machine is that it is free! You can use the internet history archive tool whenever you want for as long as you want. There is however a donation feature to help fund this powerful tool which is rightfully needed as the tool will need a lot of memory, server and hard drive space to store the millions of data. If you understand and know how much something like this would cost to keep running, please donate if you can.

Head over to the Wayback Machine by Internet Archive to find historical online data you need.

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