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AdBlock: Blocking Ads on websites and mobile platforms

AdBlock: Blocking Ads on websites and mobile platforms

Ad block blocking ads

AdBlock: Blocking Ads on websites and mobile platforms

Seeing constant annoying ads and not sure what to do to try and block them. Well, blocking ads has never been easier with AdBlock. Here you can read on how to install and use the online tool as well as the pros and cons of blocking ads online.

Blocking Ads online

AdBlock is an extension for Computers, tablets and mobile devices that removes ads that may show on websites. This means that if you are browsing across multiple websites on your PC or mobile, the pop-up ads and display ads will be blocked and not show for you. There are both positives and negatives to this, so please read on before you decide to block ads on your device.

Ad-free browsing

Blocking Ads using AdBlock can mean that your internet browsing experience is faster with no delayed ads slowing down your browsing speed. Your smartphone or tablet isn’t having to make multiple requests all at once and straining your mobile data.

Blocking ads on multiple platforms

No more video Ads on YouTube!

You won’t have to spend time watching ads too! The video ads on YouTube or similar ads across websites will be removed meaning you don’t have to watch or see them. Continue scrolling and reading your interesting article without the distraction of advertisement pop-ups every second.

Staying safe and protecting your privacy

Removing and blocking ads using the online software can mean that you aren’t targeted by products or services from websites you’ve visited before. Ensure that advertisers can’t track your browsing history and prevent any cookies from seeing your activity.

Ad placements on websites

Blocked from Deals & Sales

Having an Ad blocker such as Adblock does have its restrictions such as removing yourself from seeing potentially amazing deals and sales from the websites you have been browsing online. When Christmas sales or January deals come into play, you may not be targeted by deals or sales advertisements meaning you could miss out on the latest price drops on products or services you are looking to buy. Why use an ad blocker that could target you with ads relevant to what you are either interested in or want to buy.

Take advantage of the latest deals and stay aware of the promotions on the products you are looking to buy. Cookies can mean you are targeted with the relevant products personalised to you and they aren’t constant. Online ads are getting smarter and smarter, showing at different periods of time and when you may be interested in the product or service shown.

ads to block

Don’t forget, adverts cost!

You may not know but once you have clicked on an advert, that type may not show up again to you. The advertiser won’t want you to click again and cost them more money. So they will only target you with ads when they think you are going to buy. This is one reason why having an Ad blocker may not be the best idea.

What would we suggest? Why not try using an ad blocker every now and again to stop unwanted app ads or pop-up ads, but don’t limit yourself from upcoming deals you could miss out on!

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