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Shazam – Music Discovery App

Shazam – Music Discovery App

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Shazam – Music Discovery App

Have you recently had a music song stuck in your head and heard it on the radio but can never find the title to listen to it again? So did I, until I heard about the Music Discovery App called Shazam.

Shazam, not to be confused with the movie, is a smartphone app which you can use to find out the name and artist of a song currently playing. So if you are wanting to find out which music song you have had stuck in your head all day, you can do!

How does the app work?

It’s quick simple actually. If you hear the song you want to find the name or artist of, you simply open the app and tap the button in the middle that says “Tap to Shazam”. The app will then try to listen to the music currently playing on the radio or in the shop and find the song name and artist for you.

The best thing about this music discovery app is that it saves your songs! So when the app finds a song and artist for you, it records it within the library, so you won’t lose it. How smart is that! You can see this by swiping right from the home tab which takes you to ‘Library’. From here, you can see your saved Shazam songs, Artists and Playlists by Apple Music based on your saved songs.

I find this app very useful for discovering music when I’m in shops, hotels, listening to the radio or even finding the artist who created the music so I can listen to more of their work.

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Discover more with integrated Apple Music

The app has also been integrated with Apple Music so you can discover similar songs and artists to what you may have saved. If you slide to the left of the music app you will see a ‘Discover’ tab where you can browse through albums and artists of songs or alternatively listen to a radio station provided by Apple Music.

This feature does seem to be mainly for promoting Apple Music and can put you off if you don’t want to be targeted by unwanted services. However, if you already pay monthly for Apple Music, this is a must-have feature to find more artists you will love listening too.


How can I download the Shazam App?

Downloading the Shazam App can be done through the App Store for Apple users or Google Play. I’ve got the App on the iPhone 8 and I’ve found it to be quick to respond when I need it to listen before the song ends.

Don’t forget about interference noise!

One disadvantage which you must take note of is that the app does struggle to hear the music with loud background noise. Discovering which song is playing while there is background noise may mean the app can’t find the song you are listening to. Ensure therefore that you are close to the source!


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