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Afterlight – The Photo Editing App

Afterlight – The Photo Editing App

Afterlight photo editing app

Afterlight – Photo Editing App

On the lookout for a good photo editing app but there are too many to choose on the App store or Google store? Don’t worry! We’ve reviewed Afterlight, an image editing app for Android, IOS and Windows smartphones. See below how this editing app could help you in seconds.

How to use Afterlight

Afterlight is an App that can edit any images or video media you want to change and either save or upload to social media. The photo editing app is perfect for quickly taking a picture and editing it in the same motion or doing later when you have time. It’s so popular, Instagram even give you the option within their app so you won’t forget to make your photos or videos extra special.

To start, you either take a picture or pick one from your photo library and tap ‘use’. Then you can get editing using a range of filters to select or separate editing tools if you know what you are doing. The image filters are a good way of quickly editing your images but may not bring out the best quality in your photos.

Afterlight home screen of photo editing app

Image filters available

Try using the editing tools

We suggest using the filter best suited to the specific image chosen or getting to grips with the tools available so you can learn how to turn any image into high-quality photography artwork. These tools found on the photo editing app include:

  • Clarify
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Saturation/Colour
  • Exposure
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Fade
  • Highlight tone
  • Mid tone
  • Shadow tone
  • Temperature
  • Vignette
  • Grain
  • Sharpening

Image editing tools


Patterns, Overlays and Frames

Other features of this photo editing app include image/colour overlays that you can select to put over your image to create an effect. For example, you could add a bright blue pattern over your image and increase or decrease the opacity to suit the image and art you want to portray. As a standard, the app has a variety of basic patterns and image overlays to choose from. You can choose to pay for more overlays and colours to select if wanted.

You also get Frames! For those into picturesque art and shapes, you can use frames of different shapes, outlines and sizes to go over your image or video. Make your images stand out from the rest or unique to you and your viewers. The editing app really does make it simple to edit images at the touch of a button.

Image colour overlays from photo editing app

Afterlight image patterns

Cut, Resize and Rotate

Don’t just stop there; you can cut your image down, reshape it to the object you want to focus on or rotate the image if you prefer a different angle. The options are endless and so they should be. Now you don’t have to wait to edit your photos or videos on a laptop or computer. Try the Afterlight App!

What’s the cost?

Prices and costs of this photo editor app have changed in recent times but thankfully you can get the app for Free! There are however in-app purchases that can be made and a subscription you could sign up to if you want more choice. A Yearly Afterlight Membership costs $17.99 and Monthly Afterlight Membership costs $2.99. Personally, we think you wouldn’t need these options unless you need more photo editor options. Give the Afterlight app a go on your next photo or video!

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