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Weekend Routines: Stay relaxed but focused

Weekend Routines: Stay relaxed but focused

Weekend Routines: Stay relaxed but focused

Are you fed up of running around endlessly at the weekend or don’t have a weekend routine that can help you stay focused but bring relaxation at the same time? Well, we can help you. We’ve put down in writing a few routines to keep in check at the weekend that will help you look forward to the much-needed weekend!

1. Catch-up on sleep

One of the most important aspects of the weekend is catching up on lost sleep after a busy week. If you have been working non-stop and having late nights, your body will most likely be ready to have that extra few hours in bed to re-energize. The best remedy we find for this is either doing some exercise on a Friday night to burn any lasting energy and getting an early night’s kip. This may not be convenient for a lot of people and plans can be different on the weekend for everyone, but doing this now and again helps your body wind down and sleep without unrest.

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2. Get any important jobs done first

When waking up on a Saturday morning after a good night’s sleep, you may want to start off your weekend routine by getting any jobs done that cannot wait. These are best to do in the morning after breakfast while you are fuelled and ready to take on the day. Again, plans may be different for everyone each weekend but having a set routine may be good, such as washing the car, mowing the lawns, cutting the hedges or tiding the house. Get your weekend jobs over and done with so you can enjoy the evenings! Which brings us onto…


3. Relax in the evening

Chill! Saturday evenings and Sunday evenings can be your time, family time or couples time to enjoy relaxing watching a movie, reading a book, playing easy games or socialising. Don’t be pressured into going out every night if you feel your body wanting to sit back and relax. Everyone’s’ weekend routines must involve relaxing to prepare for the next week.

4. Moderate your device use

Using smartphones, tablets, TVs, PCs and any other type of device can be quite draining if done constantly. Don’t forget to give yourself a break from these things and schedule time in your weekend routines to stay away from the screen and get a breath of fresh air. This could be done by going on a walk or making a new recipe for your evening meal.

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5. Be adventurous

Go outside and do something. It can be hard for us all to jump into the car and travel to the nearest country park, but it’s good to be adventurous and not always schedule our weekend routines. Break out from doing the same thing on the odd occasion and try something new that will help you mentally as well as physically and spiritually.

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6. Preparation for the next week

With all weekend routines, we must take into consideration what we are going to be doing in the coming week ahead. So, prepare your meals, shine your shoes, iron your clothes and plan your route to making your life easier in the following week. You may realise that life becomes easier if you use your weekend routine to prepare for the following week. Try it out on your Sunday evening!

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