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8 Daily Routine ideas for a Healthy and Active you

8 Daily Routine ideas for a Healthy and Active you

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8 Daily Routine ideas for a Healthy and Active you

We all face times where we struggle to break out of a bad habit or fix ourselves on a better, healthier and productive day. Using proven and tested daily routine ideas may be the best option to try. However, do remember that everyone is different, and we all have our own ways of living. The important aspect is to notice whether you could be doing something better to help you live a healthy and active lifestyle.

See below 8 daily routine ideas all tested and trailed to be proven to help in living a healthy and active lifestyle.

1. Eat breakfast every day

After a good night’s sleep, it is important to be aware that your body needs food and water in the morning to help produce the energy needed to start the day. Eating breakfast in the morning helps provide the vitamins and nutrients needed by your body.

No matter what sort of weekday you may have, schedule time in the morning either before work or at work (if allowed) to eat breakfast.

2. Drink plenty of water or fluids

Everyday, it is advised by health specialists that everyone drinks from 1 to 2 litres of water per day. This can be difficult but must be done to keep the body hydrated no matter what task or job you have ahead.

Try taking a water bottle with you wherever you go so that you can have a quick drink at before, during and after work.

3. Exercise daily

One important daily routine idea to always stick too is doing some form of regular exercise each and every day. Now, this can be hard to implement as some weekdays could be different to others or spent travelling, but you must find a way suitable for you to exercise.

Why not go on a walk or jog in the morning for 15 minutes to 30 minutes or try doing some press-ups and sit-ups. You could try doing 20 sit-ups and 20 press-ups every day and then increase this by 10 each week. You’ll be surprised of the results when sticking to this daily!

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4. Prepare your day in advance

Planning and preparing your next day in advance may seem an unbelievable task for some, but for others, this is the perfect way to ensure they have everything they made need for work, what they could be walking into the next day and relieve any unnecessary stress they may have.

This can include making your breakfast or healthy lunch for the next day or working out what you are going to wear to save you more time. Maybe even checking your route to work to see if you need to take any diversions!

5. Take regular, scheduled breaks

Each and every person is different and lives different lives, so coming up with your own daily routine ideas for yourself is a must. One other idea very beneficial is taking regular and scheduled breaks throughout the day. This is recommended for every 30 minutes a person maybe sitting at a desk to ensure they keep moving. You could go and make a drink for you and your employees or simply stand-up, take 2 steps and sit back down again. Make it personal to you!

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6. Take notes or set reminders

This daily routine should be incorporated by anyone no matter what they do. Taking notes and setting reminders is a must. You need to ensure that you have every detail of a task your manager has set or dates of deadlines to ensure that you can complete the task to its full potential and on time. Therefore, if your manager says that you missed something, you have the notes to back you up that you had all the information given. However, use your initiative too!

Don’t just apply this to work though! You can apply this to your social life by booking days out with friends or family or setting reminders of when your friends next birthday is.

7. Blink often

If you are working with computers or driving for long periods of time, you may notice the strain of keeping your eyes fixed and open. Blinking often is one of the daily routine ideas not to be missed as this can ensure you stay awake and don’t have dry eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses!

Dry-eye syndrome is where people blink 60% less than healthy people who blink 10 to 15 times per minute. If you aren’t careful, you can easily slip into this without even realising it. That’s why either setting a reminder or being conscious of this is very important for your eye-sight.

8. Don’t forget to relax!

We all can have really busy days and sometimes not even stop at the weekend, but relaxing each night or having a day off at the weekend is a daily routine that needs to be included. This could be having a nap in the evening before you go out again or having a relaxing night inside and slowing down before a good, early night’s sleep.

We hope these daily routine ideas help you throughout your week to make life a little easier while keeping a healthy and active soul, body and mind. You can always reach out to your doctors or GPs if there is anything of concern. Don’t be afraid to seek professional advice from specialists.


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