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20 Tips for Quick Weekly Meal Planning

20 Tips for Quick Weekly Meal Planning

Weekly meal planning of food

20 Tips for Quick Weekly Meal Planning

Are you doing your weekly meal planning but don’t know what meal to have on certain days, how to fit meal preparation in with all the evening activities or simply don’t know where to start? Relax! We’ve got 20 tips on what to do when planning your weekly meals quickly for family and friends.

1. Use of a food type for each day

Try using a different food type each day throughout the week. So for example, you could have Italian pasta on Monday, Greek salad on Tuesday, English fish and chips on Wednesday etc etc. Use a different food to keep things interesting.

2. Cook one meal each night instead of 2 or 3

People can be picky, so make sure your weekly meal planning takes this into account. If you are cooking a spaghetti Bolognese and someone doesn’t like the beat meatballs, substitute them for chicken or bacon instead of cooking a whole different meal.

3. Find easy to make recipes online

Don’t spend ages on your weekly meal planning, find recipes online all over the world for you to use. You will start to get better at cooking the more you try different cooking techniques and foods.

4. Work your way through a cookbook

Alternatively, buy an award-winning cookbook you can rely on and plan the recipes into your weekly meals until you have used them all. Then start again or find a different cookbook!

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5. Save time with a slow cooker!

Slow cookers can be a life saver at times when your rushing about all day. Quickly pop all the ingredients into a slow cooker and leave it for the day so you can come back to succulent food. A chilli con Carne works the best!

6. Plan double for future meals

Incorporate your lunches into the weekly meal planning regime. Cook double the amount of food in an evening to eat at lunch the following day or in the evenings to come when everyone is rushing.

7. Use Fresh ingredients to cook quicker

Look at using fresh ingredients so you don’t plan meals that are frozen each time and have tasty ingredients freshly produced.

Local fresh ingredients for weekly meal planning

8. Pre-cut ingredients are even faster!

Don’t forget, you can buy fresh and frozen ingredients already cut, grated and packaged ready for you to simply add to your meal. Save time and energy!

9. Plan your portions

Keep an active and healthy lifestyle by thinking about meal portions when planning your weekly meals. Not everyone needs the same portions and you don’t want to eat too much in an evening!

10. Don’t forget frozen food

Frozen food may not taste the same as fresh produce but it much faster! Add frozen pizzas, burgers and hot dogs to your shopping list when weekly meal planning.

11. Prepare and Freeze

Even better, cook and freeze meals at the weekend if you have time, ready to be heated up during the week and devoured. Batch make lasagnas for the month!

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12. Buy only what you need

Don’t go overboard when buying food. Stick to your shopping list to save money and time. Then you won’t have to find any new recipes for extra ingredients you have bought.

13. Don’t forget sale and reduced items

Reduced items are always somewhere! Find and use food that I still edible if you want to save money and avoid wasting food.

14. Big at lunch, small at dinner

We recommend that your weekly meal planning involved larger lunches and smaller evening meals. You don’t want to be eating lots of food in the evening when you aren’t as active and don’t need it.

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15. Save recipes to use later

Did you and your family enjoy a new meal recipe you’ve made? Well, plan it in your weekly meal plan for future months so you can feast again.

16. Food for weather type

Always check the weather when weekly meal planning. The weather can always sway what you fancy for dinner. Hot food on a cold day and cold food on hot days.

17. Use a calendar for advanced planning

Plan in advance with a calendar on your phone or physically for other family members and friends to see. Then you know you aren’t going to use the same meal for multiple weeks in a row.

18. Plan a takeaway night

We all enjoy a cheat night! Plan a takeaway on a Friday or Saturday evening to enjoy at family time or around your favourite shows and films.


19. Alternative meal nights with relatives

Take an evening off and go around to a relatives or friends house for food. You can alternate where you go, making it easier for everyone involved.

20. Relax, not everything goes to plan!

Don’t worry if you haven’t done you weekly meal planning or are struggling to get into it. It takes time! Use these tips and we’re sure you will get into the swing of things.

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