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12 Easy Steps to Preparing Meals for you to use

12 Easy Steps to Preparing Meals for you to use

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12 Easy Steps to Preparing Meals for you to use

Here are 12 steps we have found that make it easier for preparing meals throughout the week. Preparing food has always been hard, whether you have a family of 5, a busy week schedule or certain dietary needs to attain too. These simple steps below should help make your life in preparing meals that slight bit easier.  

1. Write a food list and buy in bulk

Write a list! No matter what day you do your food shop, write a shopping list of what you may need for the week before you buy. You can then decide which produce is worth buying from your local grocery store or from the high street. And make sure you are buying in bulk! This way, you can avoid shopping with your eyes and buying products or items you may not necessarily need.

2. Stick to your weekly eating schedule

Everyone has a weekly schedule, so stick to it! Plan what you are eating for the week so you don’t deviate and become unprepared as you don’t have the vegetables or dairy products for dinner. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to this every week. Change your meals each week to create a balanced and healthy diet for an active lifestyle.


3. Try local produce vs high street grocery stores

Local produce could be slightly more expensive, but you will find that there is a higher quality of ingredients found by local businesses. Many farms and locally sourced produce have quality produce grown in and around the area which you can support! High street stores do have good deals and discounts you need to keep an eye on, so why not shop in both areas and see how you can save money as well as eat quality produce.

4. Check the use-by date

Don’t forget to check the use-by date! Produce can go out of sell-by date very quickly if fruit and veg so make sure you check this before buying in bulk. You would need to do this frequently if you are looking to save money by buying reduced items. However, do bear in mind that some products may last longer if stored in the freezer or simply due to the type of food.

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5. Buy pre-cut food, save time!

You can buy food in pre-cut substances which would save time on preparing meals whether for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. From diced potatoes to bags of fruit, prepare any meal and save time on cutting food up!

6. Prepare lunches the night before

We all don’t have a lot of energy or time in the morning for preparing meals before we go to work, so making sure we do this the evening before is a must. Make your sandwiches or salads the night before will mean you can sleep and rest knowing you are organised for the next working day!

7. Eat healthy snacks throughout the day

Snacking can be constant and unhealthy at times if you don’t prepare anything in advance. Why not prepare healthy snacks the night before such as sliced peppers and humous, pre-packaged nuts, cut apples and carrots or a simple yoghurt. Stay healthy while snacking so it doesn’t become a bad habit.

8. If you don’t mind preparation, cut it all at once

Preparing a meal using a recipe? Why not read the recipe once over to see what food needs preparing and do it all at once. This way, you are only having to cut food once and then you can enjoy the real cooking bits.

9. Use multi-functioning cooking utensils

Why not save time using tens of utensils when you could use the same one for multiple uses. For example, if you need both grated cheese or sliced cheese, a regular cheese grater has both sides to use for this!

Multi functioning utensils

10. Wash up as you go

Are you done with a cooking utensil and are waiting for food in the oven? Try washing up while you are waiting so you aren’t spending hours at the end washing up everything used.

11. Stay safe with multicoloured chopping boards

Having different coloured chopping boards is a must if you are cooking with both raw meat and fresh fruit. Make sure you use red for raw meat and green for salad so you don’t cause any hygiene hazards and stay safe while preparing meals for the family and friends.

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12. Leave utensils to dry, it’s more hygienic!

It’s more hygienic! Leave cooking utensils to dry on the draining board and enjoy time socialising, then you can quickly put them away at the end of the day.

We hope these steps helped you on preparing food easily throughout your weekday and weekend to make life a lot more hassle-free.

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