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Type of Men’s Winter Coat: What to choose

Type of Men’s Winter Coat: What to choose

Types of mens winter coats

Type of Men’s Winter Coats: What to choose

Not sure what type of Men’s winter coat to buy or didn’t even know there were different types? Well, you can read hear on all the different types of men’s coats including Puffer coats, Parka coats and Pocket coats. Pick a coat that is more you and suitable for the run-up to the winter season.

Puffer Winter Coats

Thick linings with an outer puffer finish, the quilted winter coat is a type of men’s winter coat made to make an impression. The increased linings filled with either insulating feathers or the cheaper polystyrene material make your muscular arms and shoulder stand out much more. The best aspect with this is that it is also very warm! So, you can look the part while staying cosy during the colder months in winter.

Faux hoods on mens winter coats

This type of men’s winter coat is best worn in the cold season during dog walks and Christmas fairs. We don’t recommend wearing in the summer or during activity as you will get very hot, very quickly. We also notice that the sleeves where the elbow is can wear depending on what outer material the winter coat is made from. Check this to ensure your coat doesn’t start to wear and fade in colour!

Some popular makes of men’s puffer winter coats are Superdry, Berghaus, ASOS, the North Face and The Mountain Warehouse.

Parka Winter Coats

Looking for a slicker but still cosy look? The Parka coat may just be the type of men’s winter coat for you. You can pick from a variety of linings with the parka winter coat such as a fleece, duck feathers or fully quilted lining, meaning you can choose the parka coat suitable for you. If you are also looking for something fancy to further stand out from the crowd and provide extra protection, you can choose to have a faux fur trim hood. With a variety of colours and materials to choose from, there are many types of men’s parka coats for you to choose.

Mens parka coat in trees, type of mens winter coat

Don’t forget about the finer details! With parka coats and puffer coats alike, you must make sure you read the label and material as some coats may use cheaper material that won’t keep you warm. The best material to use for a parka coat is one with either duck feathers or quilted linings as these offer extra warmth you will need in the run-up towards winter.

Some popular makes of men’s parka winter coats are Jack & Jones, Trespass, Barbour and Superdry.

Pocket Winter Coats

Need something a bit more flexible that can be worn with multiple layers? The Pocket winter coat may be the type of men’s winter coat you need coming up to winter. With multiple pockets within, which explains the name, the pocket coat can hold multiple items at once. Whether you need a place to store your portable camera while in a snowball fight or want to leave your bag at home, the multiple pockets provide the handy solution.

Pocket coat in the snow

The men’s Pocket coat is often made with a high collar to keep your neck warm and can come in different materials such as denim, felt and wool. You can use this to decide whether you’d want a pocket coat made out of wool meaning less layers are needed or a denim pocket coat which may mean more layers are required to keep you warm. There are many out there with a variety of styles to choose what you think will suit you best!

Some popular brands of pocket coats include Superdry, Levi’s, Jeff Banks and All Saints.

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