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Marvel’s Spider man Action Adventure Video Game (2018)

Marvel’s Spider man Action Adventure Video Game (2018)

Marvel spiderman action adventure video game

Marvel’s Spider man Action adventure video game (2018)

Wanting to buy a new action adventure video game with first person swinging action and fighting scenes? Try Marvel’s Spider Man from 2018! Here we’ll give a brief overview of the storyline, characters, game features and overall experience we had playing the video game.

Spider Man logo

New York, in 4K!

Marvel’s Spider-Man is set in the original location of New York City, with busy streets, rooftops and surrounding ocean. The creators have done an unbelievable job at placing finer details together, forming a clear 4K picture on your 4K compatible screen. Playing as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man In this action adventure video game, you can reach new heights at the top of the tallest buildings and roam as Peter Parker in specific character buildings.

You start off by beating King Pin and his gang who are robbing the bank. Lunge in combat mode going from wall to wall, dodging bullets, missiles, lasers and objects thrown in your way. From here, you start to unravel the mysteries of dark energy spreading across New York along with the Mayors Osborn’s new security team, Sable. Once you finish one story mode, you are taken straight into the next story full of new and original characters.

Spiderman gameplay

Original Characters, both bad and good

Work together as both Spiderman and Peter Parker alongside original story characters such as Aunt May, Mary Jane, Doctor Octavius and fight against the evil characters such as King Pin, Electro, Scorpion, Rhino, Vulture, Shocker and Doctor Octopus. With many other new enemies to face within, you will have none stop missions both big and small in this Action adventure video game. You can choose which missions you want to do first or if you want to roam around New York swinging to your delight.

Spiderman enemies electro

Action adventure video game features: Suits, Gadgets and Power-ups

With many features and customisation options available, you can make the game your own and play to at your style. With many different Spider suits to pick from and like the original red suit with black webs, new white and black suit, comic suit, animated suit, British flag suit and many more!

Every suit you unlock using base tokens also unlocks a special power-up to help you fight better, swing higher, run faster or become invincible. Choose 3 suit power-ups that will help you throughout the game and unlock more as you complete base missions or side missions as well as main missions. You can also unlock gadgets or upgrades to your web shooter to use while in combat, stealth missions or while roaming the map.

Spiderman in action adventure video game

Extra missions to unlock and purchase

Once you’ve done each mission in the main story mode and desire more, you can purchase further DLC storylines and continue to play. With each storyline comes further new characters, twists in the much-loved plot and more suits to unlock. The Action adventure video game doesn’t stop surprising you with further unlockable modes, characters and powerups until you eventually complete the game. We loved playing Marvel’s Spider-Man, not stopping until we completed it! The amazing creators have really brought 4k action to life.

Marvel spiderman action adventure video game

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