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Escape rooms: What are they and should you experience one?

Escape rooms: What are they and should you experience one?

Escape rooms escapologic

Escape rooms: What are they and should you experience one?

Do you know what Escape Rooms are and if you should experience one soon? No? Don’t panic, we’ve been to many across the UK so you can find out just what they are like.

What are Escape Rooms?

Escape games rooms are rooms made by games masters where you have to solve the physical and mental puzzles within the escape in under 1 hour. You have to go from one challenge to another solving a little piece of the mystery at a time to lead onto other clues in order to finally escape as well as completing the mission set. Work together in groups of 4-6 people while you are being watched by the games master to ensure you aren’t cheating as well as giving you hints and clues if you get stuck.

In the UK, most of the escape rooms incorporate different themes and difficulties so that you can pick an escape room you may like or want to accomplish. Themes can range from Pirate rooms, nuclear power plant rooms, foreign spy rooms, dungeon rooms, clown rooms, doctor who rooms and many more. There are a lot of choices for you to pick no matter which city you are in.

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Why are they so fun?

You may wonder why getting locked in a room for an hour is so fun. But if you look for challenges and find enjoyment out of solving puzzles, these escape rooms really excite you as you overload with adrenaline. With different sirens and loud noises all around, you could end up pushing you way out of that door before the timer runs out.

How much do they cost?

Do bear in mind that each of the escape rooms across the country vary in skill and style to a budget. Therefore, look at the reviews, prices and imagery of the escape games you are going to book to see if they are of high quality. A good escape room with many features, illusions and after-effects can cost around £30 – £40 depending on the topic. Take a look below at some of our escape games recommendations.

Are they scary?

Unlike popular old films such as the shining, evil dead and other horrors films; escape rooms aren’t all scary or full of clowns jumping out at you. You can have escape games that are very knowledge-based where you must use your geography, history or science head to solve the puzzle. There are even escape rooms which move while you are in them!

All being said, there are escape games created with the scare factor involved such as clowns, fake ghosts and even a butcher (actor) that follows you around the room with a fake knife if you don’t escape within the first 40 minutes! If you are into scaring your family or friends, this is a good way to do it on your next days out.

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Our recommendations

We have tried a variety of escape rooms in many locations from Nottingham to Leicester and Sheffield as a few. If you have come across Escapologic in Leicester or Nottingham, we’d recommend checking them out on your next days out. As much as other escape games are, the price to quality is unbelievable at their rooms as you can tell they have spared no expense in ensuring you play with all the new tech. From escaping a nuclear power plant, bank, butchers lair, Jungle and mechanical workshop; you want to pick them all! Also, if you are in Leeds, check out the Escape rooms who also have special edition themes that make you think outside of the box.

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