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8 Night Out Ideas to try

8 Night Out Ideas to try

Night out ideas to try

8 Night Out Ideas to try

Are you stuck on what to do on your Friday or Saturday night out? Relax a little, we have got you covered! See here our Night Out Ideas which you could try with your friends, family or loved ones.

1. Latest Movies

Do you just want to sit back and relax on a Saturday night and enjoy watching a movie? We do too. Why don’t you have a look at the latest movies on at your nearest cinema? Cineworld Cinemas are scattered about the UK and also VUE cinemas too. This is the perfect Night Out Idea if you need just want the chill and relax after a long and stressful week.


2. Bowling on the lanes

Looking for something a little more active and competitive? Try going bowling with your friends or family! You can book a lane at your nearest bowling centre and knock some pins down while you enjoy beating your friends. This is fun to play and watch as everyone wants to win at bowling, who doesn’t?

Bowling lane

3. Jazz Clubs

Everyone loves a bit of Jazz music, why not try a Jazz club! Another one of the relaxing and funky night out ideas, you can find the nearest Jazz club or 80’s music club in your area to drink and socialise with your friends or family while listening to high-quality Jazz music and basslines. Jazz clubs often have a bar with a variety of drinks to choose from and comfy, lounging seats to seep into. This may be the perfect atmosphere to take your loved one too and relax as you enjoy one another’s company.

Jazz club night out ideas

4. Indoor Mini-Golf

Have you tried Indoor Mini Golf? You must! Take your family or friends, of any size, to an indoor mini-golf centre where you can have fun trying to put your golf balls, all the while competing against each other. Indoor Golf can be a really fun activity to play, especially after a few drinks. Try this night out idea to burn off any last-minute energy and adrenaline.

Indoor Mini golf

5. Comedy Skits or Events

Now, are you wanting to laugh? Get yourself down to the local comedy club or comedy event at your local arena. Some arena or comedy events may have some last-minute tickets you could purchase and take advantage from. You and your loved one could relax and enjoy laughing at some comedy skits or comedy sketches from local comedians to well-known TV comedians providing great entertainment for the night.

Comedian comedy club

6. Theatre Productions

One of the best ways to sit back and enjoy watching something without having to do a lot. A theatre production could be the one night out idea you haven’t tried in a while. Sit back with your beverage and loved one to a Macbeth, the Sound of Music or Aladdin Theatre Production. There are always theatre events on at your nearest city theatre.

Theatre production ballet dancing night out ideas

7. Escape Rooms

New to escape rooms, this is one of the more exhilarating night out ideas you must try with your friends. 6-10 of you could be locked in a room with all sorts of puzzles and mysteries to solve to try and escape the room. You have 1 hour to try and escape, otherwise you could be locked in… Get a group of your family or friends to try this out on your Friday or Saturday Night out.

Escape Room

8. Disco and Karaoke

Up for a boogie? Find your nearest disco or karaoke club to dance and sing the night away. A perfect night out idea with the lads or girls, a disco club will allow you to dance and drink while listening or singing to your favourite pop songs. Whether it’s 80’s and 90’s hits or the latest pop music just realised, the disco clubs play all varieties. You can even choose the songs or hire your own karaoke room exclusively for you and your friends to enjoy each other’s company and singing voices privately!

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